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Our Team of Sales and Marketing Professionals

With a team of business growth, sales and marketing experts, we provide a range of managed services which accelerate growth and take your business to the next level:
We understand how your clients think and they will buy from you again and again. “Think As a Client” is our unique approach and we’ve proved it’s a B2B sales strategy that works. Really works. We’ll get your whole sales and marketing operation aligned – and challenge you where you’re weak. We span a spectrum of services from lead generation to account management, all geared to maximising your sales. Our in-depth analysis will find ways of cost effective improvement to increase your growth.

Simon Warman-Freed

Sales Specialist / Director

Mark Peters

Commercial Director

Jonathan Elder

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Lesley Hussell

Corporate Communications Specialist

Genevieve Cunada

Outsourced Marketing Specialist

Eunice Ong

Data/Research Specialist

Pauline Dela Cruz

Executive Assistant

Marge Alim

Executive Assistant