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Sales Review

The key to the highest levels of assured business growth comes from a methodical analysis of your business to identify areas of improvement and exactly how to improve these areas before action is taken.

It isn’t just about broad changes to marketing and sales strategies; it’s also about identifying even the smallest of details to be optimised, as many small tweaks can accumulate into a considerable increase in marketing output, sales conversion rates and ultimately business growth

At IBG, no stone is left unturned by our business acceleration experts when it comes to analysing the status of your business and finding new ways to grow your business to the next level.

A Sales Review takes an in-depth look at sales strategy, sales team, sales processes and supporting technology to identify ways of optimising revenues and increasing the return on investment in this area ensuring that it is aligned to the corporate goals and objectives.

Short-term Wins

Medium-Term Building Blocks

Long-Term Framework

  • A sales strategy aligned with the business goals and objectives and ‘quick win’ opportunities

  • Geared to look at your Sales capabilities across 4 key areas: Strategy, Process, People, Technology

  • Analysis of variance between sales and business goals

  • Analysis of alignment between Sales and Marketing strategy

  • Key differentiators against existing key competitors

  • Analysis of product or service strategies

  • Customer segmentation

  • Identifying measures for return on investment from sales activities

  • Sales process Improvements

  • Gap analysis of current versus required sales position

  • Increased return on investment from sales activity

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  • Immediate game changing actions

  • Motivated stakeholders all on the same page

  • Quick wins and tactics

  • Actions to overcome barriers to growth

  • Provide focus for sustained growth

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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say:

IBG has worked with us to build our UK ‘go to market’ strategy, and within 2 months of their engagement have provided two new six figure business deals for us with several more in the pipeline. IBG not only generated these opportunities but lead the whole sales process to it’s successful closure. I could not recommend IBG highly enough.

Pavan Kumar, Senior Director - SBU

IBG are a true leader in their field and are unrelenting in their quest to provide their clients and partners with ground-breaking solutions to facilitate rapid growth.

Mike Giles, CEO - Prospecting Wizard

IBG helped us to uniquely position our services, identified our target market and developed an accelerated go to market plan. They then helped us execute on that which resulted in us generating a pipeline of opportunities. There is no question that IBG made the difference and I would recommend them without question.

Keith Fleishman, Managing Director, Commercial & Enterprise UK - Bluewolf

IBG didn’t just help us communicate with our prospects – they helped us engage with them with a clear value proposition that differentiates us from our competition. IBG lead-generation techniques delivered high return on investment – less wasted money on telemarketing and cold calling, putting us in front of the right people – people who want to buy.

Maurice Aroesti, Managing Director - OCS Consulting PLC

We had a challenge with sales and margins falling and losses being incurred. We were referred to IBG to help us. Within 6 months our sales rose by 30 per cent and profitability returned. IBG made us realise the value of data and target marketing and the opportunities they presented and helped us to not only build more valuable data, but extend our market appeal significantly and to build a data asset that significantly upped our business valuation multiplier. I would highly recommend Simon’s and IBG services.

Tim Howard, Founding Director - Digital Field Solutions

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